Sam Mulholland is one of the founders of Crawford Mulholland and has watched the business go from strength to strength over the past two years.

Prior to establishing Crawford Mulholland, Sam had worked with several financial services companies and had regularly enjoyed the experience of watching people’s delight on learning that they could pay off their mortgages earlier than expected.

Sam was particularly delighted on one occasion when he was able to save one client enough interest when switching from her old deal to a new one that she was able to reduce her mortgage by thirteen years while still making the same monthly payment!

As a result, Sam was motivated to use this specialism to create a new mortgage brand that would be industry leading and which would help as many people as possible to get onto the property ladder.

Sam takes great pride in the fact that Crawford Mulholland comprises a highly-motivated team, which strives to be the best in all areas of business practice.

When he isn’t involved in driving Crawford Mulholland forward, Sam relaxes by taking part in various sports including the gym, rugby and golf, but knows that in order to be successful he has to work hard – and smart.