One of the things that we love best about what we do is the wide range of professions that we work with. Our client base encompasses every occupation imaginable, but there’s no doubt that we do work with a wide range of what are generally classed as ‘professionals’.

‘Professionals’ covers a multitude of occupations – doctors, solicitors, dentists, accountants – basically anyone, who has expertise in a specific area, and is either employed or self employed.

The range of services that we can offer professionals is extremely varied.

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    Range of services on offer

    For a start, many will run their own businesses and have employees, while others will work as self-employed professionals. In both cases they will require assistance with contractual obligations, liability cover for working with the public, employee wellbeing and – increasingly – cyber threats. The range of insurance protection is therefore wide-ranging and varied in nature.

    At Crawford Mulholland we work with a wide range of local lenders and advisors, who apply a common sense approach to underwriting insurance policies, and this gives us a big advantage over our competitors in terms of great deals.

    From professional indemnity insurance to office contents insurance, we strive constantly to match the right professional with the right policy.

    Public liability insurance, for example, is a major concern for most of the professionals we work with. Even a client tripping in an office can lead to a claim for damage or injury, so we need to insure that the professionals we work with are fully covered for any such occurrence. For commercial insurance we act as introducers only.

    Bespoke service for individuals

    Generally, when it comes to our services, things run smoothly for what we would term ‘standard professionals’. Where we really come into our own, however, is when we are contacted by professionals who work slightly ‘outside the box’.

    By that we mean professionals such as locum doctors, who move from practice to practice – often on a daily basis – or self-employed GPs, IT contractors or barristers, who are just starting out in their careers and who are on lower incomes.

    For professionals, who find themselves in such circumstances, things can be a bit tricky. Take borrowing money, for example.

    We’ve come across locum doctors, who think that they need to have a few years’ accounts prepared for banks in order to borrow money. The fact that we have so much experience in this area means that we are fully aware of the fact that banks have a more flexible approach to such professionals than they would have had previously, and so we’ve been able to advise them that they don’t actually need them if the right lender is used.

    Service tailored to clients’ needs

    Over the years, we’ve also found that one of the biggest challenges facing professional clients is that they are generally very busy people and, as such, find it difficult to simply nip out during the day to come and chat to us about their financial issues, such as mortgages or insurance protection.

    At Crawford Mulholland, we are renowned for our high level of customer service. We believe in going that ‘extra mile’ to meet the needs of our clients and so we offer out-of-hours appointment times in the evenings or at weekends.

    It’s those ‘little touches’ that set us head and shoulders above the rest!

    If you’re a professional person, or are considering becoming self-employed, why not contact us today for a free initial appointment and we’ll make sure you’re fully covered on all fronts.

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