First Time Buyer Mortgages, Belfast NI

Buying your first home is certainly an exciting time in life.

However, getting a mortgage can feel pretty daunting:

  • Fixed rate or tracker rate?
  • 2, 3 or 5 year deal?
  • How long to borrow for?

At Crawford Mulholland Belfast we can help you navigate through these potentially difficult choices.

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    What lenders are looking for

    ‘What can I afford to buy?’ is the question we are most commonly asked by first-time buyers – usually people aged between 20 and 40, who are currently renting or still living at home – and wanting to get onto the property ladder.

    When they approach us, it’s usually because they’re not only concerned about the amount of money that they are wasting in rent, but are also drowning in a sea of information overload and really at the point where they don’t know where to start!

    Take saving for a deposit, for example. Many of you may have been scrimping and saving for ages to get your deposit together, but does that make you a suitable candidate for a mortgage? Does simply having a deposit make you attractive to a lender?

    We know that, when it comes to actually obtaining a mortgage, you need to know what lenders are looking for. You need to be fully prepared for having the right answers to the questions that mortgage lenders will ask. We have listed some easy steps to improve your credit score:

    • At least 3 lines of credit going to your current address, eg, bank account, mobile phone contract and credit card.
    • You have access to credit but have utilised no more than 30%.
    • Evidence of savings/repayment capacity e.g. paying rent or saving on a monthly basis.

    Good credit history, no missed payments, no payday loans and being registered to vote.


    First Time Buyer Northern Ireland – FAQ

    For personalised and discreet answers to all of your mortgage-related questions, including the following please contact us for a chat –

    • Which mortgage lender is best for first time buyer?

    • How much of a deposit do I need for a mortgage in Northern Ireland?

    • How much can a first time buyer borrow in Ireland?

    • Can I get a mortgage with 5% deposit?

    How can we help

    At Crawford Mulholland, we know that buying your first house is a ‘gently does it’ process, where we take you through the buying process in stages, making sure that we are on hand at all times to help you with the major choices that you have to make.

    Whatever your employment status, there’s a mortgage product to suit your needs and we can find the perfect solution for you. Here’s what a few of our recent clients told us….

    ‘I completed a mortgage process with minimal fuss whilst always being kept in the loop. From the initial questionnaire, searching for the best mortgage product that suited our needs, through to completion, the process was made so easy. We cannot recommend Mark enough for his invaluable help, guidance and support.’ Paul Johnston

    ‘A few months ago, we met with William from Crawford Mulholland to discuss the financial steps needed to buy our first home. He was fantastic from start to finish and gave expert advice and took care of everything for us, right through to sorting our insurances. Couldn’t recommend this guy enough, he really went above and beyond.’ Eve Cairns

    If you would like us to help you just as we helped Paul and Eve, contact us today for a free initial appointment. In just a few minutes, we can go through your details over the phone and give you an indication of the mortgage options that are available to you.

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