There’s no doubt about it. Your home is the most expensive item you’ll ever buy and it’s probably your biggest asset.

But sometimes you need to use that asset to your own advantage.

Say, for example, you’re coming to the end of your fixed term and want to start looking for a better deal on your mortgage.

Or say you want to get access to a sum of money – known as equity – that you could free up to put an extension onto your house.

That’s where remortgaging comes in.

Remortgaging is basically the process of switching your existing mortgage to a new deal, using your property as security.

And there’s no doubt that it comes with many benefits.

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    Benefits of remortgages

    For a start, you could switch to a better deal with lower interest rates, which could obviously save you money in the longer term. Also, by releasing some of the equity, you get a chunk of money that you could either invest elsewhere or, as we said before, invest in your existing home.

    On the less positive side, however, the fact is that, when you remortgage, the chances are that you’re likely to increase your monthly payments.

    There’s also often an arrangement fee on the new mortgage, coupled with solicitors’ fees – although some lenders offer this for free as part of the remortgage deal. If your existing mortgage hasn’t yet reached the end of its term, you could also be charged exit fees for leaving.

    So while remortgaging can have many benefits, it does need to be carefully considered and weighed up.

    That’s where we come in.

    How can we help

    At Crawford Mulholland we walk you through the process, supporting you at every stage.

    We keep an eye on your mortgage account and so, when we see a mortgage coming to the end of its ‘fixed deal’ period, we’ll contact you to put various options to you. By doing this, we ensure that you have enough time to consider all of your options and aren’t rushed into making any hasty decisions.

    Our vast experience in mortgages, coupled with our great relationship with local estate agents, means that the valuation figures that we source for you are as accurate as possible in obtaining the best loan to value deal, and you’re assured of a first-class service.

    Here’s what one of our recent customers had to say about the service that we provide.
    ‘I first reached out to Mark around 8 years ago when purchasing my first house. Since then, Mark has helped us with several house purchases, both personal and investment. His knowledge of the industry is unrivalled, and has been able to secure the best rates out there. His impartial advice has also helped us enormously, and his professional, no-hassle approach makes doing business a pleasure. Thanks Mark! Tim Andrew

    Mortgages are considerably cheaper in today’s market AND they’re easier to obtain, so there’s never been a better time to either switch your mortgage or release equity. Whatever your employment status, there’s a mortgage product to suit your needs and we can find the perfect solution for you.

    Contact us today for a free initial appointment. In just a few minutes, we can go through your details over the phone and give you an indication of the mortgage options that are available to you.

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