Sounds like the ideal scenario, doesn’t it – being your own boss. No one to answer to. Keeping to your own rules and regulations. Working your own hours – and hours to suit, to boot.

If that ‘Monday morning feeling’ is starting to hit you on a Friday evening, then maybe you need to start considering the idea of going self-employed. We’re certainly finding that more and more people are approaching us with queries about exactly what being self-employed entails, so it looks as if the current self-employed sector of 120,000+ is on the increase.

As with any changes in your lifestyle, of course, you need to consider the fallout.

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    Challenges of self-employment

    How will self-employment, for example, affect your chances of getting a mortgage? This is just one of the questions that you would have to consider.

    At Crawford Mulholland, we know that many of our self-employed clients often struggle with information overload and literally can’t see the wood for the trees.

    We often hear clients talk negatively about not being able to get a mortgage, for example, or not being able to remortgage once they become self-employed.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    How can we help

    Thanks to our vast experience, as one of Belfast’s leading mortgage advisors we are 100% aware of exactly how banks operate and have access to a comprehensive range of lenders.

    Some self-employed clients think, for example, that you need three years’ accounts in order to obtain a mortgage, but the simple fact is that we deal with banks and lenders for whom one year’s accounts are often sufficient.

    Our knowledge of those lenders puts us in the optimal position to match the client with the bank or lender that is right for them.

    We’ve also come across other clients, who thought that their ‘turnover’ was their ‘net profit’, but, fortunately, we were able to correct this perception before the client found themselves in financial difficulty!

    Over the years, we have helped many of our clients to navigate the process of getting a mortgage that’s best suited to their needs.
    Here’s what one of our recent clients said about our service.

    ‘I initially went to see Sam to get advice about my finances hoping that in the future I would be in a position to own my first home. To my delight he assured me that I was already there. Throughout the entire process Sam was only a phone call or email away and went over and above to help me. I now own my dream home with a comfortable mortgage which most importantly is suited to me. Sam was also on hand to set up my house and life insurance which is perfectly tailored to my employment and lifestyle. Thank you!!!’ Ashleigh Baird

    If you’re a professional person, or are considering becoming self-employed, why not contact us today for a free initial appointment and we’ll make sure you’re fully covered on all fronts.

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