Modern life is busy, isn’t it? Like most 25-50 year olds, you’re probably caught up in the maelstrom of work life, home life, social life….

It’s all going swimmingly, isn’t it? You work hard, play hard, pay your bills…

But what happens if the worst case scenario should happen, and you take ill, or have to have a major operation that puts you out of action for a while and renders you unable to work for a period of time?

Think about the costs you’d need to cover if you were to fall ill and couldn’t work. Electricity bill? Telephone bill? Food shopping?

If you have children, would you be able to provide for them?

Or what about your mortgage? Would you be able to keep a roof over your family’s head at this critical time?

Depending on your circumstances, government unemployment benefits usually come in at around £50-£70 per week. Could YOU manage on this amount of money each week?

Unfortunately, while many people are happy enough to take out life insurance cover to ensure that their mortgage is settled in the event of their death, recovery from serious illness can lead to difficulties in what was previously an assured income stream.

That’s where critical illness cover comes in.

What it covers

Critical illness cover is a form of insurance that pays out a tax-free lump sum in the event that you are diagnosed with a specified illness or medical condition. The policy pays out if you are diagnosed with one of a list of serious conditions within the policy term.

Critical illness cover helps to support you and your loved ones financially if you’ve been diagnosed with a specific condition.

You’ll receive a lump sum payment to help cover the costs of treatment, or to help pay the bills, if you’re not able to work.

At Crawford Mulholland we find that many of our clients are concerned about the cost of critical illness cover. Not only that, but many of you are concerned about the myths that surround critical illness insurance. ‘They don’t pay out’ is a familiar comment, or ‘they only cover a small number of illnesses’.

Well, the simple fact is that, over the last ten years or so, while critical illness products have certainly become more complex – particularly in light of the increasingly ageing population – the fact is that more illnesses are now covered by this type of insurance, and there are now more price-focused options available.

How we can help

That’s one of the benefits of using a company like ourselves to help you choose the best critical illness product on the market – particularly those of you with higher-risk occupations.

We can help you work through the list of insurers to choose the one with not only the most affordable rate for your budget, but also with the most suitable cover options.

The fact that we are not tied to one insurer means that we can support you in finding the best cover for your lifestyle should something major happen in your life.

We have helped so many people like Helenor work through this potential minefield in insurance terms – little wonder that we are award winners in this sector!

Critical Illness Cover Northern Ireland – FAQ

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