Life insurance is one of those things that people know they should have, but are often bamboozled by the range of options and companies available.

That’s where a company like Crawford Mulholland can prove invaluable.

But first…let’s start with the basics about life insurance.

Life insurance is a type of insurance that pays out a lump sum to your familyif you die during the term of the contract. It can help your husband or wife or children to continue to pay for any financial commitments, such as a mortgage, that might fall to them to pay in the event of your death.

The amount paid out is called the ‘sum insured’ and the length of the policy is called the ‘term’. You choose the payout amount and the length of the term when you sign up for the policy.

So that’s the basics.

How we can help

Where the difficulty arises is that there are a wide range of policies available in today’s market and many clients get lost in the terms used and the options open to them.

But here’s the good news…..

Yes, getting the life insurance policy that’s right for you can be a little confusing and can come with many varied options, but at Crawford Mulholland, we can guide you through the process in a calm, reassuring way that will leave you safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the perfect policy.

For a start, we explain everything to do with life insurance in terms that are simple for everyone to understand. Insurance policies can often be perceived asfull of lengthy jargonwith 20 words used when four will do. We take the pain out of this process by using layman’s terms that remove any confusion or difficulty.

The ‘myths’ about life insurance

We also help to dispel many of the ‘myths’ that surround life insurance.

Many clients believe, for example, that life insurance is much more expensive than it actually is. We have access to nine of the top insurers in theUK, ensuring that the premiums the client is being offered are extremely competitive.

We’re also increasingly coming across clients, who believe that it is much cheaper to go for an online life insurance option. While this market has certainly grown considerably over the last few years, the simple fact is that clients don’t realise the pitfalls associated with taking on a policy without support and advice.

Having a company like Crawford Mulholland walk you through the process will make choosing a life insurance policy an absolute breeze. That’s why we’re an award winner in this competitive sector!

Life Insurance Northern Ireland FAQ

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