We all know how overloaded the health service is these days, don’t we? Between lengthy waiting times in casualty departments – we’ve heard of waits up to 24 hours! – to two-week waits for an appointment with the GP, there’s no doubt that healthcare today is under immense strain.

More importantly, there’s no sign of the situation changing for the better anytime soon.

It’s for that reason that more and more people are turning to private medical insurance as a way of circumventing these lengthy waiting times.

Where private medical insurance was once only really associated with the workplace, an increasingly large number of private individuals – and often their families – are turning to this option.

What it covers

Private medical or health insurance is an insurance policy, which covers the cost of private healthcare.

It really works exactly the same way as any other insurance. You pay monthly or annual premiums and, in the event that you require private medical treatment, the provider will pay out for some or all of the cost of the treatment that you receive.

So, say for example that your GP suspects you have a health problem and need to use the NHS or private medical care, you can opt for the private medical care and then avail of private hospitals or specialists, all paid for – or at least a portion of it – by your insurance policy.

Types of cover

The amount of cover that you receive depends on the policy you take out.

Basic cover will usually pay for treatment and related costs while you’re an inpatient.

Medium cover generally covers outpatient care as well as inpatient support.

Comprehensive cover includes everything above in addition to cover for extra ‘surrounding’ treatment, such as mental health care and physiotherapy.

To make the process simple, it’s advisable to have one provider and one policy.

To make it even more simple, it’s a great idea to have one point of contact for advice and support.

That’s where Crawford Mulholland can prove invaluable.

How we can help

Insurance policies are notoriously detailed, creating challenges for clients who may be looking for private medical insurance. From add-ons to what the policy covers – and, more importantly, doesn’t….we can steer you through this process.

This type of insurance can be taken out as a single policy for yourself, or as a joint policy to cover you and your partner, but we also offer group/company schemes to business owners, so we’re covered for all eventualities.

If you’ve been considering taking out private medical insurance, but don’t know where to start, give us a call today to organise a free initial appointment. We’ll make sure you’re fully covered on all fronts!

Call us now on 02890 665544 to set up an appointment.

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